Dick Berckenkamp (Rotterdam, 1955) brings dance to life in his paintings, drawings, installations, text works and poems. In his multimedia works, Berckenkamp thinks of how we connect our house - the body - with what we are as human beings. The intangible, what we think, feel, experience. He uses the dance, and in its slipstream the music, as a metaphor to materialize the temporary nature of our existence. A perceived movement becomes a line, a jump seen in space becomes an impulse on paper, canvas or a written word. Berckenkamp represents, articulates, notes. The space of the theater, the boundaries of the stage floor, the artificial light, the many years of training of the dancers, the imagination of the choreographers and the musicians are the raw material for his expressiveness. Abstraction squared, after all, the artist reflects on the art forms that composers, choreographers and performers bring together in theater dance. Dick Berckenkamp converts this depicted reality into a new abstract visual form. In order to let the miracle of wonder be alive. His visual and linguistic journey through the worlds of dance, music, theater and art thus becomes a tangible visual manifestation, which ultimately and above all examines the inner beauty of our humanity.

Fleeting, though. Yet also timeless and lasting.


Tuinlaan 114
3111 AX Schiedam
The Netherlands